Who We Are

Finestral Malta has been successfully operating for 20 years of which the last 15 years the company specialised in the manufacturing of PVC apertures. Licensed in the manufacturing and installation by Deceuninck Group, a Belgian company considered to be the number one producer of PVC profiles worldwide.

We have installed thousands of windows in Malta and all have stood the test of time and the harsh summer and mild winter we have in Malta. We are proud that the warranty we provide is sealed with years of experience in the local manufacturing.

Deceuninck are leaders in energy efficient PVC apertures offering superior thermal and sound insulation. PVC apertures also benefit from: high security, maintenance and corrosion free, and maximum water tightness and wind resistance.

A variety of designs, colours and systems are available, all carrying a 10 year warranty.

Energy saving PVC window & door apertures

Finestral (Malta) are specialists in made to measure PVC apertures using Deceuninck UPVC technology.

10 Year Warranty
Maximum Water Tightness
Locally Manufactured
Maximum Wind Resistance
Energy Efficient
Maintenance Free
Thermal Insulation
UV Protected
Sound Insulation
Fire Safety
High Security
Discoloration Free

Our Products


Windows are the face of your house; their design reflects your personality and delivers your style to the outside world. Not only do they brighten your day and allow light in, they cater to your well-being by protecting you from undesirable weather and undesirable intruders. User friendliness should never be compromised so our innovative hardware technology provides your family the key to security and modern living.


Are you on the safe side? It’s up to you! The safety of your family is in your hands. Act now and take positive steps towards keeping them safe. Most burglars give up their attempt in under three minutes if they are faced with a solid locked entrance. The Deceuninck door has many obviously noticeable devices that are designed to immediately discourage any burglars.

  • Solid & substantial hinges
  • One-piece multi point locking system
  • Effectively secured lock technology
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanisms with a key and/or lever operators

Lift & Slide

Our lift & slide system allows you complete freedom of movement. This system also expands your interior spaces and easily opens them to the outside world.

It quickly integrates your interior space with its terrace, balcony or garden in an elegant and practical way, leaving a spectacular living and entertaining area.

This system also makes your spaces weather-proof, protecting you against the elements while forming a transparent wall with comfort and spaciousness.


Have as much light, air and freedom of movement as you wish. Our sliding system opens your rooms in a most elegant and efficient manner. Doors can be pushed aside very easily, creating ample space to move through and entertain.

  • Opening width up to 6m
  • Up to 6 movable panels can be arranged in any desired combination
  • Heavy duty ball-bearing roller provides smooth running and easy operation

Legend Slide

The Legend Sliding is a true Legend amongst sliding systems combining functionality of sliding with tightness of casement together as one. Its unique Shift and Slide with assisted locking mechanism offers excellent water tightness, air tightness and wind resistance. The 76mm shutter with 5 chambers allows glasses up to 52mm thickness which enhances its thermal insulation properties.